Lisbon – city of 7 hills and lots of steps

I had all these grandose ideas of doing lots of writing every day to my blog but the reality is that I’m not there yet. I haven’t settled into the rhythm yet for our travels so  for now I will keep it simple with some commentary and lots of pictures.

We arrived last Monday and spent sometime hanging out at the airport prior to getting access to our apartment in Baixa-Chaido in downtown Lisbon. I could not have asked for a better location. Close to the metro, lots of shops, restaurants and bars within walking distance. This was my first time using Airbnb and I can’t say enough good things.

Monday was kind of a blur due to jet lag and the 3 hour powernap after we got entry to the apartment.

Tuesday morning we started the day with a Portuguese breakfast – pastries! The Portuguese have a wonderful egg custard called Nata which is better then any other egg custard tart I have had anywhere. The ones you get at Dim Sum are the red headed step child to these lovelies.

We jumped on the Tram 28 which was right outside our door and took the journey up to the Castelo de Sao Jorge on the highest hill in Lisbon. DSCN2113DSCN2126

Lisbon is a city of 7 hills and lots of steps. Since I was a desk jockey for a long time, walking up all these steps and hills is like doing a couch to 5k.


One of the things I enjoy most is just walking around in the older section and looking atDSCN2135DSCN2132the buildings and the tilesDSCN2133

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4 Responses to Lisbon – city of 7 hills and lots of steps

  1. stephanie says:


  2. Julie Campbell says:

    I love the tile walls … Please take more pictures of those please!! hee!

  3. Jeanne Redondo says:

    Thanks for sharing this Del!

  4. Anita Vieira says:

    Gotta love the Portuguese pastries!

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